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Personal Shopping through SecondHands Fashion


Beth from The Beth Next Door had shared her thoughts on using SecondHands Fashion which is a mail order personal shopping service using thrifted or consignment clothes. I had experienced success with my second of two Stitch Fix boxes, but it was nice to hear of a less expensive option. SecondHands isn’t quite as thorough as Stitch Fix as far as a questionnaire to get a feel for your personal style preferences, but I wrote in a few notes when I requested my box, like the fact that my torso is ridiculously short and my inseam is 28-30″.

Beth’s post mentioned that if I used the promo code FRIENDS plus entered her name, she’d get $5 off her next box, and I also had $5 taken off my purchase. They charge you a $25 styling fee right off the bat, but if you keep anything, the $25 applies to your purchase. If you keep all 5 items from your box, you get 20% off the entire cost. If you want to use the FRIENDS promo code, you’re welcome to write in “Laura vanZandt” so I’ll get $5 off next time, too!

Now onto the fun stuff — what did I receive in my box?? 

I started with a Chris & Carol coral blouse. It’s shear so I paired it with a tank top I already own that’s a similar coral color. The elastic at the elbow on the left sleeve is a little loose, so I wasn’t sure about keeping it with the cost, considering I need to have an additional top to wear under it… but I really love the color and it’s a great look for fall.

Cost: $22

Decision: Keep


The jeans I’m wearing in the photo above also arrived in the box. They’re from NY&Co, and I love the dark wash on them. The length is perfect but they’re a little snug, but I’m totally working on losing weight (totally!) and they were a great price for jeans in this condition.

Cost: $26

Decision: Keep

From there I tried on this Forever 21 black and gold cardigan even though I knew I didn’t like it. The fit was fine, but the fabric was scratchy, and let’s be honest: it’s ugly.

Cost: $21.50

Decision: Return


I quickly moved onto an adorable navy blue Lauren Conrad dress. The size matched what I had requested, but unfortunately this brand’s sizes run rather small so there was no hope for it. And trust me, I spent minutes fighting my optimism on being able to make this work if I lose about 20 pounds. Le sigh.

Cost: $22

Decision: Return


Finally, I hesitantly put on a Design 365 top that was obviously really long. It’s also a light knit in the front so I had to pair it with a brown tank top underneath for it to be appropriate. The back is a pretty, silky fabric, and once I put on my skinny jeans and cute, knee-high brown boots, I was feeling this top.

Cost: $23.50

Decision: Keep



How exciting to end up with three keepers on my first box! The one disappointment I had was that all three tops that I received couldn’t be worn alone; they all needed something additional to go under them. This made it slightly more difficult to justify the cost, but I was lucky to have tank tops that worked well with the two that I kept. I included all of the above notes in the survey that I sent back with the pieces I didn’t keep.

I requested my box September 28 and got an email on October 7 saying that it had shipped, which was reasonable, in my opinion. The return and payment processes were a breeze, and I would happily use SecondHands Fashion again!

I feel like I’ve been seeing other subscription services like this pop up more frequently. Have you used something like this? How did it go? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Personal Shopping through SecondHands Fashion

  1. Cadry

    What a bummer that the dress didn’t fit! It’s so cute! I think Kohl’s sells Laura Conrad stuff, and so you could always go there and try to find it in a bigger size. Plus, they’re always offering some kind of coupon deal.

    It’s cool to see more subscription boxes popping up, especially in more reasonable prices. I just had my third Stitch Fix box, and for a person who never buys stuff at the retail price, everything seems really high. It keeps me from buying more than one item in any box.

    1. Laura VanZandt Post author

      Thanks for the heads up, Cadry! I’m losing track of the subscription boxes that are available, but I completely agree that it’s great to find affordable ones like this. 🙂 Stitch Fix is a special treat, no doubt.

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