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Twin Cities Horror Festival V: The Philip Experiment


This year marks the fifth annual Twin Cities Horror Festival, but it’s my first year attending. While TCHF does have the word “horror” in it, many of the shows are more psychological or suspenseful versus what people may typically picture as gross, bloody, slasher type shows. I purchased a 4-ticket pass and really wanted to check out Mike Fotis’ show but couldn’t fit it into my schedule. Then Rachel from MNCommunity said she was attending one of the rehearsals for The Philip Experiment, so I asked if I could tag along. 

In 1972, a group of scientists and paranormal researchers embarked on a study that they thought would change the world of parapsychology forever. It was called, The Philip Experiment. 


Joe Bozic and Lucas Vonasek

The Philip Experiment stars Mike Fotis, Debra Berger, Joe Bozic, Heather Meyer, Lucas Vonasek, and Mike Frost, and from the start, I felt like I had stepped into an episode of The Twilight Zone. With the help of Bozic narrating and the characters’ dialogue, an unsettling feeling followed me through the story. Anyone and everyone could be the elusive Philip… or maybe he’s just a figment of our imaginations. 


Heather Meyer, Mike Frost, Joe Bozic, Mike Fotis, Debra Berger, Lucas Vonasek

There’s a tv show within the show, people wake up not knowing how they got there, spies, a mysterious “agency” and more. Comedic moments subtly slink in to lighten the mood, and this is the perfect cast to pull it off. It’s recommended for ages 16 and up, and this was a compelling introduction to the Twin Cities Horror Festival.

The other shows on my schedule include Cinderella: A Revenge Play, Senseless, A Zombie Odyssey, and Sweet Dreams, Alfie. Carly from Minnesota Theater Love is the true TCHF pro, so if you’re looking for more information, she’s your gal! All of the shows run about an hour long, and it’s a fun way to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Twin Cities Horror Festival

Southern Theater

October 27 – November 6 

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