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Taste Test: Sweet Root Chocolate Mousse and Cupcakes

Sweet Root started following me on Instagram, so of course I was excited to learn that it’s run by someone selling vegan cupcakes and chocolate mousse and I quickly made a purchase. I selected a dozen Strawberries & Cream Cupcakes for $30 and 3 individual servings of Chocolate Mousse for $3 each. The ordering process was really simple, the invoice and ingredient list were sent via email, and I had to pick them up on the west side of Minneapolis.

I was planning to see Casey from Two City Vegans anyway, and we’ve talked about doing live video so… I figured why not do a taste test? We also gave some love to other sweet treats that we love in the Twin Cities. Enjoy us eating and talking in the video below!

Follow Sweet Root on Instagram (@sweetrootmpls) and email them to order:

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