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Review: Fearless Five – Harbingers

fearless five harbingers mounds theater

Five talented playwrights partner up with five skilled directors for the first Fearless Five production. With the inspiration to tell a story of harbingers, this show gives you five stories in one!

Head to Mounds Theatre where Fearless Comedy Productions presents a collection of short plays about harbingers: people who announce or signal the approach of another. Spend some time with roommates Death, Famine, Pestilence and War who come with their very own laugh track in Apartment 4H. Then enjoy a baby shower that’s part Donnie Darko, part The Hangover in Happy Father’s Day. Next up is The Great Wion who may be a little bit of a hack, but she predicts the mundane like no other. Find out if the Emissary of Neptune is real and will cause a natural disaster, or if it’s all the heads of some small town folk. And round out your evening with the camp of Harbingers of Sexy Doom.

This show is one of the things I love about theater here in the Twin Cities. Writers Eric Thompson, John Zeiler, John Youker, Chip Limeburner and Tim Wick can have a common theme but produce five completely different pieces of new work. Limeburner’s Emissary of Neptune felt the most polished with Tim Uren playing the harbinger convinced that the emissary has arrived in the form of a fish. The simple-minded townies want to believe him, but a stranger comes along who may be able to shed some light on the situation.

Kelvin Hatle performs in three of the five stories, and I’m convinced he could act out an entire solo show strictly with his facial expressions. I also enjoyed Lana Rosario as The Great Wion – she’ll make you think that you could predict the future, too! Matthew Kessen gets to play to his strengths (his commanding voice and tall stature) as Mothman in Happy Father’s Day. The whole cast and crew moves the show along quickly with little time between set changes, and I’m impressed by all the moving parts.

While hit or miss, this was overall a fun show, and I appreciate the comedic escape from the outside world. Fearless Five: Harbingers has only two performances left, and you can buy your tickets online

Fearless Five: Harbingers by Fearless Comedy Productions

February 10, 17, 18, 24, 25

Mounds Theatre

1029 Hudson Road, St Paul

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