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Geocaching in Theodore Wirth Park


I recently went geocaching for the first time (video recap below), and some of the pictures I posted on Instagram inspired my friend Jordan (@backpackvegan) to start geocaching, too. After we had both been out a couple times, we arranged to meet at Theodore Wirth Park and went on the hunt for seven geocaches. It was a beautiful evening, and it’s a great way to explore the park.

We knew we were in the right area for one called Wait In Time which is in an old streetcar shelter, but we weren’t quite sure what we would find, aside from the fact that the size of the cache was “micro.” Jordan took a seat on one of the benches and happened to hone right in on a bolt that looked a little out of place, and lo and behold – that was the cache! When he unscrewed the two pieces, a small log book rested inside, we signed & dated it, and headed to the next one.

Jordan taking a picture of his find: Wait In Time

I probably would have given up on the next one, A Little Thanksgiving Cache, if Jordan hadn’t found it. It’s marked as a micro cache but is really more of a nano because I don’t think you could have anything smaller and still fit a log inside. It has a small magnet that holds it above some rafters in the middle of a bridge over a lake. It’s a great spot for a cache (if the gentle waves of the lake don’t give you vertigo, anyway) but what a tough find.

geocache geocaching

A Little Thanksgiving Cache

We found ourselves walking through a marshy area for a cache nestled into a fallen tree, through some brush to find one hanging from a tree branch, and Tornado II had us stumped for awhile. It’s marked as “other” in regards to size on so we didn’t quite know what we would find. People had commented in their logs about cattails, so I thought maybe there was a fake cattail geocache. We looked into all the nooks and crannies of the beacon tree, and Jordan even set a timer to limit how long we’d allow ourselves to search. But then… I stumbled upon it, almost literally. Can you spot it in the photo below? 

Tornado II: The Challenge

This was the first rock geocache I’ve come across, but Jordan said he’s found another one. These make it pretty likely that a muggle (a non-geocacher) won’t come along thinking it’s trash and throw it away, as apparently happened to Tornado I. I know I normally wouldn’t think twice about a rock on the ground.

As I mention in the video below, I really love the creativity of the geocaching community because geocaches are all shapes and sizes. It’s the perfect activity for two or three people to do together because you can problem solve with each other, and everyone has a different perspective to offer which increases your chances of finding geocaches. Jordan and I ended up going seven for seven in 2 hours! 

Gus Gus swag!

I haven’t take any of the swag that I’ve found in the geocaches, but I was tempted by the Gus Gus figure because of my Gus kitty. I figured a photo would suffice. Have you gone geocaching? I’d love to hear about any weird swag you’ve found, or unique geocaches you’ve come across. Please share in the comments!

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