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Linden Hills Farmers’ Market FIRST TASTE

root to rise vegan plant based love balls

Love Balls by Root to Rise

The Linden Hills Farmers’ Market brought together small, local vendors at Sociable Cider Werks for a preview of some of the new options we’ll see at the Twin Cities farmers’ markets this season. I was pleasantly surprised to walk in and see my friends from Root to Rise Kitchen there! I’ve had their food many times and always enjoy their fresh, healthy options. They sampled their Walking Tacos and Love Balls, both of which I’m a fan. The Love Balls are gluten-free and have a soft, meaty texture. They’re going to be at several markets this summer so make sure to find them and say hello.

Candor BarΒ offers a variety of nut-based bars, and I sampled all of the flavors: Chili Cocoa, Almond Cocoa, Lemon, Curry, and Matcha. While I honestly enjoyed all of them, the Curry was such a great pop of flavor. It was a stand out for me and would work well as a meal replacement bar. The Lemon and Almond Cocoa are a little sweeter and perfect for a mid-day snack.Β 

Nutmeg’s caught my eye because one of my go-to breakfast meals is bread and peanut butter. They offer peanut-, cashew-, and almond-based butters and they’re somewhere between creamy and chunky. The especially awesome part of the business is that part of their proceeds go towards ending sexual violence in Kenya. So #spreadthelove and follow them on Instagram, or make a purchase on Facebook.

Drinking Shrubs? When I read that, all I could think of was Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But once I tried a few of the flavors from Calvit’s, all I could think of was delicious. These beverage mixers will add a touch of flavor to soda water, or you can use them as a cocktail mixer. What a great option for parties where there might be people both abstaining from and drinking alcohol. You can find them in some stores around town, and make sure to check out the recipes on the website.Β 

Another yummy beverage that I tried is GingerMann’s ginger beer. There’s a touch of cayenne in it for an extra zing, and I could drink this all day long. The owner said he’s working on a website, so check back!

ommie snacks vegan allergen-free seed nut bars

Apple Cinnamon Ommie Snacks

Check out these delicious nuggets from Ommie Snacks! Their goal is to offer fruit and seed energy bars that are free of the top eight allergens. They currently have nine flavors; I tried Apple Cinnamon and Banana but I’m itching to try the Coffee and Apricot Chai. 5% of their profits are donated to local charities, too – how awesome!

Last but not least, I stopped to see my friends at K’ul Chocolate. I’ve been familiar with them for awhile and have posts about them here and here. I can’t get enough of their chocolate, and I love that they often come out with new flavors to try. If you haven’t stopped into their storefront before, I recommend you go and make your own chocolate bar. Even if you think you don’t like dark chocolate, give it a try because K’ul is smooth and doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste that a lot of dark chocolates do.

I tried a few other products at the First Taste, including sweet potato noodles from Greenhearts, microgreens from Turtle Hare Farm, and a mushroom ginger broth from Taking Stock. Sending thanks to Linden Hills Farmers’ Market for the invitation! I’m so excited for farmers’ market season and plan to explore a few that I haven’t been to before. Do you have a favorite farmers’ market?

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  1. Kate

    I love farmer’s markets! I miss them when I have to shoot lots of weddings on Saturdays. I should find a good mid-week one. It looks like you found tons of delicious things at this market. Yum!

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