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Food Photography Finds at Arc’s Value Village

Whenever I’m in need of something, Arc’s Value Village is typically the first place I hit up. This awesome thrift store has five locations in the Twin Cities, so you’re usually never too far from one. Today, I was on the hunt for new dresses and some pieces to spruce up the little food photography that I do at home. While I struck out on the dresses, food photography goodies were on point and I could have bought more than I did. 

Above, you’ll see what I purchased: a side table, three bowls, and a tablecloth. (The cat isn’t new.) I’m fairly confident the side table is from IKEA and therefore retails for $9.99. The tablecloth is a good size and in great condition, and the blue bowl is from Pier 1. So take a guess at how much I spent on these five items.

My total came to $10.06. This is what I love about AVV: you can find nice items and not break the bank. Granted, you have to take the time to dig through a lot, but the stores are well organized, and like-items are displayed together which makes it easier. The IKEA table was $4.49 and well worth it since I didn’t have to put it together! This one is pretty basic and easy, but I have a very bad track record with IKEA furniture. There are some surface scratches but most of them aren’t very noticeable. 

The Pier 1 bowl probably retailed for $8-10 and was marked at $1.09. I love the color, and the size is perfect since it’s small and you don’t need much to fill it up. I receive Vegan Cuts snack boxes every month so I’m excited to use this bowl for taking photos of some of the snacks I receive.

Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips

The woven wooden bowl is ultra-light and was only 79 cents. Popcorn or other snacks will look great in this!

The dark brown bowl is heavy, and I was drawn to it since the handle adds some character. I paid $1.49 for it.

I purchased cookies at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Farmers Market today, so I tried it out for the first time. I used my iPhone for all of these photos and not a fancy camera, so I know they could be better but I most commonly make due with my iPhone.

Treat Yourself Almond Maple Cookies

I wiped down the table really well and washed the tablecloth – something you should always do with anything you buy secondhand. The tablecloth is adorable, though, so I’m excited to play around with it! It was only $1.49 and will get lots of use. I prefer to keep things pretty basic since I’m not a food blogger, but the possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to staging food photos. 

What are some of your favorite thrift store finds for food photography? Please share in the comments!

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