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Theater to get you in the spirit for Halloween

Special When Lit presents THE FAE at Twin Cities Horror Festival

Halloween is just around the corner, and chances are, you already know about that one thing that happens every year, so I thought I’d highlight a few other perhaps slightly less traumatizing theater options.

Sparkle Theatricals presents Apartment 101 at a top secret location which is about… well, I’m not entirely sure. What I do know is there’s something about a horologist, magic is involved, and steampunk and/or formal attire is encouraged. I attended their performance of Spirit Forward, Houdini Unlocked last year, and I have no doubt they’ve created another uniquely immersive experience.

Another show with a non-traditional setting is Wayward Theatre Company’s The Weir. Head to Urban Growler, grab a pint, and settle into some ghost lore where the story’s setting is an Irish pub.

Looking for something kid-friendly? Check out SteppingStone Theatre’s Goosebumps: The Phantom of the Auditorium. Raise your hand if you consumed all of R.L. Stine’s books and you’re tempted to see this even if you don’t have a kid. Get a taste of the musical below from one of their rehearsals:

Fringe fanatics, get your fix at the Twin Cities Horror Festival which operates very similarly to Fringe, except (as you would assume) the subject matter focuses on horror, suspense, and the like. All shows take place at The Southern Theater October 26 – November 5. I attended last year for the first time with the 4 Horseman pass, and I did the same again this year. Shows run back-to-back and each one is about an hour long. Check out my picks:

The Fae by Special When Lit

Animus by Debra Berger, Emily Michaels King, and Amber Johnson

Hand-Picked by Theatre Unchecked

Skin by Dangerous Productions

Part of the reason I selected these shows is because they’re all created and/or written by women, and it’s important to me that I support other women now more than ever considering recent events. Be sure to check out descriptions of all the Horror Fest shows, and if something jumps out at you, I encourage you to buy a ticket and support local theater!

Are you seeing anything not listed here to get into the Halloween spirit? Please share in the comments below!

Side note: I was originally going to include this round up in my Minnesota Playlist News & Notes takeover, but I got a little long winded on a different topic. 

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