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New to NE Minneapolis: Crepe & Spoon

crepe and spoon vegan northeast minneapolis ice cream

Crepe & Spoon opened November 2017, and they offering sweet and savory vegan crepes, along with a variety of mouth-watering vegan ice creams. There are a few mix and match options for the crepes – try it with jam or a scoop of ice cream, or you can select a savory crepe with vegan meat and cheese from The Herbivorous Butcher. I never imagined savory crepes could be so delicious.

crepe and spoon herbivorous butcher vegan bacon minneapolis

Bacon & Arugula Crepe

The Bacon & Arugula is above, and it includes arugula, mushrooms, garlic lemon sauce, and The Herbivorous Butcher’s Maple Bacon. The crepe and bacon are sweet and balance well with the bite of the arugula and sauce. I’m also in love with the Ham & Cheese which has The Herbivorous Butcher’s Ham and Smoked Gouda.

But my favorite thing to get is a warm crepe topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Pumpkin Ice Cream in a Crepe

The vegan ice creams have a base of coconut milk and cashews so they’re dense and creamy. The more unique flavors have included Ube, Piper’s Purple Vanilla, and Piña Colada. If you’re into more traditional flavors, check out Mint Chocolate Chip, Coffee, and Oreo. 

Note that they offer two dairy ice creams, so it is not a 100% dairy-free facility. If you’re interested in other vegan ice cream options in the Twin Cities, check out my post: Twin Cities Vegan Ice Cream Crawl.

Lavender Raspberry Chocolate Chip

Crepe and Spoon has teamed up with Vegan East to offer a vegan cheesecake ice cream which is pure heaven. I especially love the bits of crust that are mixed in.

Vegan East Cheesecake Ice Cream

Crepe & Spoon’s space is small but whimsical, with prices painted on an old window hanging from the ceiling. There’s a small amount of seating inside, and in the summer there is seating on the sidewalk outside.

Crepe & Spoon
339 22nd Avenue Northeast

5 thoughts on “New to NE Minneapolis: Crepe & Spoon

  1. Cadry

    What a fun addition to the Twin Cities! I can’t wait to visit the next time I’m there next time. One of the friends I’ll be going with is gluten free & vegan. Do you know if any of their crepes are gluten free?

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