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Guest Blog: Kendra Ditches Animal Products for #Veganuary

Guest writer: Kendra Plant from Artfully Engaging tries a vegan diet during January 2018.

Veganuary: Plant-based January

Why Veganuary?

Veganuary is a movement encouraging people to be vegan for the month of January, just in time for New Year’s resolutions. Laura of One Girl, Two Cities mentioned Veganuary to me and I was instantly interested in participating. Why? To get back on track and to share the benefits of a plant-based diet with others.

While my food preferences lean toward plant-based, I personally identify as a flexitarian (an occasional meat eater.) I’ve flirted with bouts of veganism which were successful in helping me change my own habits. For example: my morning lattes feature plant-based milk, at a variety of local restaurants I have a favorite entree that is vegan friendly, and my standing Thanksgiving meal is a cauliflower steak.

Lately, I’ve gotten a little off track with my eating. My partner is an omnivore and we share a kitchen, so I have many temptations regularly at my fingertips. My favorite indulgence foods recently have been cheese and ice cream. This month is a good opportunity for me to get back on track so that my actions align with my goals. I value my health, the environment, and animals; vegans are onto something, and I want to participate.

When I announced to my friends that I would be eating vegan for Veganuary, right away I had one friend commit to participating with me and another commit to eating vegetarian for the month! My actions are already encouraging others to try something new.

Laura has invited me to guest blog here during January so I can share what I learn during this month-long adventure and my finds during local vegan explorations. Laura has featured many Twin Cities vegan-friendly food options here on One Girl,Two Cities and I follow in her tradition as I also hope to inspire you to try a new vegan-friendly restaurant.

Highlights from My First Week

I have completed one week of eating delicious plant-based foods! Hooray!!! I ate a combination of home-cooked meals, delicious meals from Twin Cities restaurants, and really easy snacks like fruit and nuts. The early part of the week was hard. I walked away from some sushi and some handsome looking macaroni and cheese. I thought about giving in, but then I thought about how disappointed I would be in myself if I didn’t say no to temptation. AND I MADE IT! One choice at a time.

  • My friend Hector Chavarria, a Minneapolis artist, gave me a few pointers on plant-based eating this week! Watch a short video where we chat about the challenges and helpful motivations to mindful vegan eating.

  • I ate a bowl of healthful and delicious veggies with spicy cheeze sauce at J. Selby’s in Saint Paul. I wish I could move into this amazing restaurant where all the ingredients are made from plants.

Veggie bowl with vegan cheeze sauce and french fries

  • And I cooked some tofu that I really enjoyed eating!


Here are some more of the vegan resources that I have been delving into this week:

Check back soon for more updates on my #Veganuary adventures! Share any tips for new or aspiring veggie lovers as a reply in the comments.

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