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Minnesota State Fair 2018

The Minnesota State Fair kicked off today, and I’m not going to lie that it started out a little brutal. I use the Park and Ride option, which I love, but it wasn’t quite up to par for the first day. I get that it’s the first day, but how many years have we been doing this now? So after waiting forty minutes only to not make the next bus, I summoned a Lyft and invited two other people from the line to join me. Maybe it was good karma to use Lyft because they have a space at the fair, and I won a $50 credit from their scratch off cards! I use Lyft mostly when I travel and I have yet to have a bad experience. If you haven’t used it before, you can click here to receive a $5 credit on your first ride.

Two of my favorite buildings are the Fine Arts Building and the Creative Activities building. This amazing tinker toy model is in Creative Activities. Check out that level of detail!

The food competitions are giving love to vegan cuisine these days, so I found the cupcake entry by Betsy of Seymour Munchmore’s and scoped out the Vegan Main Dish Competition pics.

Crop art is another must-see for me, and I love seeing relevant art but also art by all ages of people. Who knew you could do so much with beans, seeds, and the like?

And we can’t forget all of the food, of course. Last year I brought my own ranch for the fried pickles, and this year I stepped up my game with Just’s chipotle mayo. Pure heaven. I always get the Cinnamon Roasted Nuts in the International Bazaar, and you can’t go wrong with the Irish Apple Pie from Sara’s Tipsy Pies. I’ve eaten at Harry Singh’s in Uptown, but this year for the first time I had the Curry Chickpea Roti in the Food Building and it was delicious.
For a more comprehensive list of vegan options at the fair, please refer to this post.

In the end, it was a great first day at the Minnesota State Fair despite the rocky start. I highly recommend taking a weekday off from work (if you’re a Monday through Friday-er) and starting out bright and early. The fairgrounds are much less crowded, and you typically get pleasantly cool temps for a few hours. I always find the state fair app helpful, from searching the entertainment schedule to finding food, and more. Happy fairing!

Minnesota State Fair
August 23 – September 3, 2018

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