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I’m Laura vanZandt, and I grew up in Lakeville, MN. After living in Minneapolis for two years, I currently reside in St Paul. Despite being a crazy cat lady, I love getting out and experiencing what the Twin Cities have to offer. My passion is sharing those experiences with people in the hopes of inspiring them to get out and have their own adventures, all the while attempting to keep things cost-effective. As an animal lover, following a plant-based diet is important to me, and I’m the social media voice of The Herbivorous Butcher.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my site, and please be sure to leave comments about what you would suggest I try out!

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  1. Cindy Nollette

    HI Laura,
    We met you at Pop Up Minnesota. I love your FB posts etc. Say, have you checked out the Linden Hills Farmer’s Market Winter Market? If not, it might be cool for you to see. This market is a gem in our city. It is in the early growth stage ( with the winter market). There are cool vendors ( some of which I believe you know). Libby Wyrum ( is the market manager. I know Libby would be thrilled, as would the vendors if you stopped in to check things out. If so, stop by and say Hi at Serendipity Accessories stand!

    Thanks so much!

    Cindy Nollette
    Serendipity Accessories

    1. Laura VanZandt

      Thanks, Cindy! I’ve been there but I make a beeline to The Herbivorous Butcher and Comfort Candy. I’ll definitely make sure to swing by next time I’m there. 🙂

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